I am Here to Entertain you

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I foresee this as a good thing. The problem with SmackDown being on Fridays is a lot of people go out to movies, clubs, restaurants, bars, all that jazz. and so the Blue Brand suffers because the ratings won’t reflect the show’s performance.

Moving it back to Thursdays where it’s more likely that people will watch it and have time for it will help to put the numbers back to where it needs to be.

I personally think SmackDown is the better show anyway. Now, I say this from a subjective point of view. These are opinions, not facts.

I prefer a 2 hour show to the 3 hour product placement and segments that is Raw (90 minutes for SD if you take out the commercials) and the matches have a smooth pacing, segments are brief and to the point.

Plus, I like the more mid-card superstars on Friday nights as they’re given a chance to perform unlike those that hog the spotlight on Monday nights. I’m starting to miss the Brand Extension in places because of this. At least Raw’s non-sense wouldn’t continue over into Friday.

So, yeah. I welcome this move with open-arms. SUBSCRIBE.


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