I am Here to Entertain you

Original source: http://411mania.com/wrestling/no-cm-punk-policy-at-wwe-live-events-t-shirts-and-signs-banned/

Okaaay. I’m doing this. *gets comfortable*

I understand the point to not make the company look bad and try to move on from this controversial episode, but by forcing a ban like this is just going to encourage the CM Punk chants, merchandise and movement from the fans even more.

By making it off-limits makes it forbidden fruit to the fans who will always do the opposite to whatever the man lays down as the Law. You tell the kid not to walk on the grass, the kid will walk on the grass, because it feels cool to break the law.

WWE will ignore this not realizing that it will backfire just to spite themselves.
The Chris Benoit situation is understandable and valid because it makes no sense to accept nor further promote him because of the heinous and tragic actions he committed.
But, all CM Punk did was walk out. Steve Austin did that and he still got acknowledged for it without being swept under the rug.

This is blatant unprofessionalism on WWE’s part and this is just pouring gasoline on the fire that’s just going to get bigger. Banning merch’ and signs will not solve it. it will only aggravate it.

I’m done.

Credit: WrestleZone


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