I am Here to Entertain you


What is there to say about me?

I’ve been an online video reviewer since 2007.

I got noticed by the YouTube community by airing what was at the time the only Knight Rider podcast series known as Knight Watch where I just basically said how I felt about the franchise from the days of the original Michael Knight and KITT to the Second Generation with Michael Knight II and the KITTstang.

I’ve always had a passion for movies since my late teens when I would go to the flix on a weekly basis after college and just chill with my buddy whom I’m still good friends with to this day.

I did co-create a weekly wrestling review series in 2011 with my River City Gamer affiliate, Oni Rokaku, called RawDown Rebound.  That was probably 50% informative & 50% entertainment as if we just called it straight like most wrestling podcasts then there’d be no difference.

I believe in pushing my limits as a writer, editor and entertainer because if you don’t learn to adapt and evolve then you get left in the past, become stagnant, irrelevant and left in the past.

I’m probably my own worst critic as I’m often revising scripts, re-working title sequences and scores to my videos as I am never satisfied with what I am trying to do until I see and hear that exact moment where the right score and clips fit together perfectly.  Starving perfectionist? Maybe.  I just know that I want it to be a certain way before I release it to my fans and audience.

I’m a 7 year veteran in this crazy world of online video reviewing who just wants to inform and entertain you at the same time.  And I hope since May 17, 2007, I have done just that.

Thanks for stopping by.  It means a lot

MJ Knight

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