I am Here to Entertain you

Ask The Knight

Ask the Knight Spring 2014 screencap


You ask me questions, I answer as best I can


Episode 41: Blood the Last Vampire
Episode 42: Gerann 2

Episode 43: Green Arrow
Episode 44: Live Action Disney Remakes

Episode 45: Gerann 3
Epispde 46: David Goyer
Episode 47: Favourite Thunderbird?
Episode 48: Gerann 4
Episode 49: Throwback Jnr Special
Episode 50: Avengers 2 or Jurassic World?
Episode 51: AnimeGod500Rebirth Special
Episode 52: New Thunderbird 1
Episode 53: Best vacation?
Episode 54: Fave take-out?
Episode 55: Gerann Special
Episode 56:
Episode 57: Phoenix Special
Episode 58: Who are my inspirations for being a video creator?
Episode 59: AnimeGod500Rebirth 2
Episode 60:
Episode 61: Sinister 6 movie
Episode 62: Best Anime theme song?
Episode 63:
Episode 64: Gerann 5
Episode 65: Worst WWE PPV
Episode 66: Darf Maul Fights
Episode 67: AnimeGod500Rebirth
Episode 68: What do I think of Jason David Frank?
Episode 69: Let Me In – The Game?
Episode 70: Future of TNA Wrestling?
Episode 71: Best Sonic Re-design?

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