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My Thoughts on Jason David Frank Vs CM Punk in UFC & Batista’s current status with WWE?

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For Punk Ranger Vs Green Ranger. I say, let them go at it.

Tommy has wanted this match for the better part of 3 years and considering their contrasting styles in mixed martial arts it will make for a very entertaining situation.

2 conditions IF I had control of the fight setup. Punk comes out to Cult of Personality and Jason comes down to his Green Ranger theme. Other than that, let the dogs go to war.

As for Batista’s status with WWE? He’s passed it, in my opinion. Granted; when he returned earlier this year he was rusty and sporting an injury which we didn’t know about at the time. So, I will give him some leeway on that.

But, it’s a bit much for a 46 year young actor/part-time wrestler to do a full-time schedule when he was injury prone in his 1st tenure with the company. 10 years ago it was a different story as he was in great shape. A beast of a man, if you will. But….he doesn’t have the same pace as he once did, nor does he have the right gimmick. When he was the suave version or Suave-Tista, showing up in Armani suits with the cool hairstyle, the dude was the frickin man. But, the whole angsty, beefed up skin-head look for him, just doesn’t work. He’s basically just a generic roidy wrestler like that. And I can’t get behind that shtick/grimmick/routine/shiz because I’ve seen it done beyond the point of exhaustion.

And taking into account that Guardians of the Galaxy is opening doors for him, I’d say the WWE needs him more than he needs them. Considering the likely sizable paycheck he received for his performance in Guardians and now being cast in Bond 24 as a heel in there (whoda funk it?) then what is he gonna care about what WWE and Nipple Bleach want for him?

The way I see it; Bond-Tista is opening up opportunities for himself, just like The Rock did over a decade ago. Rock got his foot in the door as a charismatic athletic entertainer and then transcended into a personified movie star that makes more money in 1 year then WWE could even do in 2 years.

I’m not biggest Batista fan; but I say, more power to him for what he’s doing and given WWE’s downward spiraling credibility in the fall-out of Punk-Gate then he would be well advised to get as much distance from that company as possible.

Like I say; he doesn’t need them. THEY need him.

Pipe-Bomb. I’m done

CM Punk broke his silence. My 2 cents on it.

Okkkkk, I just heard what Punk had to say on Colt Cobana’s art of wrestling and I have a few things to say myself, namely how disrespectful HHH was in particular.
Considering what Punk had done for WWE ever since dropping that Pipe-bomb in Las Vegas in June 2011; it brought more mainstream attention to the company and he outsold Cena in merchandise sells whilst he was in his 2 reigns as WWE Champion.
Taking his ideas that would have been BEST FOR BUSINESS, and make it look like their own just shows how deceitful they are, but also how low on ideas they can be when they have to steal creativity from someone who has more intelligence and ingenuity than anyone of their creative staff members.
Also, Hunter Hearst Bischoff (thank you, Arch-fiend for that) for not having the decency to tell Punk directly that he wasn’t going to be in 13 rounds and gave it to Orton instead just shows how little they thought of him.
The two segments of that interview that shocked and not knowing just how bad Punk was messed up was knowing that full-blown staph infection could have KILLED him and that he had been wrestling hurt for months is living proof that these uncaring puppets do not look after their performers properly.
In any other sporting profession; Punk would have been looked over from head to toe and not be admitted back to competition until he was given a clean bill of health. And the way that CM went on with the way the WWE doctor wouldn’t cut that lump off his back just shows the blatant incompetency with their staff who fail to do their job properly.
And for HHH not to look him in the eye when Punk called him out on his overblown nose-sized ego and couldn’t even look him in the either gives me a better understanding of how Hunter does his business; he only looks out for his breakfast club members.
And the nerve of FIRING Punk, not QUIETTING (lol twitter fail) FIRING him via FedEX (that sounds familiar….WHAT???) on his wedding day shows the lack of class and professional there is in that company.
I applaud Punk for getting everything he was supposed to get from royalties and future royalties from merchandise sales.
He’s now healthy again, happy doing what he wants with his life and he’s staying as far from professional wrestling as possible. And I am now getting to that stage where I feel that a fuse has been lit…..and with me it’s not a short fuse.
It’s a long, burning fuse where the resentment and negativity only grows until it explodes and whatever I felt for what I once enjoyed is either gone forever or takes a long time to re-establish any love for it.
I think the ride that CM Punk had with WWE is a very cautionary tale; that not everyone gets to live the dream the way they want and the corporate puppet masters get to pull the strings of their marionettes and us in doing so just so that they get to have what they WANT, not what we want, what THEY want.
Well…..there will come a time where what they want……will cause ratings, Networks subscriptions and merchandise sales to plummet to such a degree that they’ll have to give us what we want.
And by that time; it will be too late. Just look at TNA.
Vince McMahon is a man out of touch with reality and modern times and no longer understands nor comprehends what a modern WWE audience wants. But then he gets the event staff to tell the people what they want.
I believe Danny DeVito as Herb Powell in the Simpsons said it best:”DO YOU HEAR THAT, YOU IDIOT??? INSTEAD OF ASKING PEOPLE WHAT THE WANT; YOU’RE TELLING THEM WHAT THE WANT!”
Copy and paste into current WWE and you have their marketing and creative process summed up in a nutshell.
That company will not advance, progress nor prosper like it once did until Vince McMahon is removed from his position. He’s not going to change his position on that John Cena is still the go-to-guy. 10 years ago he was. Now? before he was injured it was Daniel Bryan. And before that it was Punk. But no! they just can’t accept that John Ka-el Krpto-Cena is not the main draw nor pull that he once was.
Things are shifting in WWE and entertainment in general, and Punk was just the beginning.
In 2019….where will the WWE be? I can’t answer that. But I can tell you where the likes of CM Punk will be. Happy, healthy, prospering and smiling and laughing that he got to keep his sanity and health and not be another wrestling tragedy.
I know Punk hates this term now, but I think it’s appropriate to say considering what has transpired.
I’m….done *drops mic*

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