I am Here to Entertain you


Here is where you can discuss the videos I post here or anything you happen to have on your mind to what I do or what 2 cents you have to given on entertainment.

forum screen cap


MJ Knight TV Forum

Whilst you visit our forum, here are a few rules to adhere to:

1: No posting pornographic images.
2: No hate or other questionable language.
3: Kindly respect each other’s Opinions. If you can’t agree; just agree to disagree.
4: No multiple-posting. That’s a given. Give the other members a chance to post.
5: If you have to debate with one another, please keep it civil.
6: Any situations that gets out of hand will result in the Thread being closed.
7: The Admin and Moderators decisions are final. If you cannot handle those conditions, then kindly leave.

As long as you obey the rules and respect each other, then have fun.

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