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Plans for 2014

I really should take the time to make Blog updates since that is the main use of it.

2014 is looking like a good year what with Amazing Spiderman 2 on the way and WrestleMania heading for it’s 30th.

If those saw my review on Man of Steel from early December is anything to go by then you will see this year I will continue to raise the bar and evolve the way I conduct myself as a producer.

This year in May will mark 7 years I have been entertaining on video sites like YT and Blip.  I may be a few years older and a lot more experienced and sophisticated than what I was when I first began pod-casting with Movie Knight & Knight Watch in 2007, but I still have the same hunger and passion to entertain and push myself.

It is my sincere belief that the one person who pushes & challenges you the most is yourself.  Only you will make your dreams and goals a realisation and it is much more rewarding and satisfying when you accomplish these on your own.  You made this happen.  No one else.

If I could take what I know now and put into my mind in 2007 then chances are I would be in a completely different place.  But timing and evolution happens for a reason and that is why I constantly look at improving my A-Game because I know a year or 2 down the line I will come up with something that will be vastly superior to what I’ve done now.

My work is not perfect, yet I continue to perfect it.

I hope 2014 allows you to achieve the goals you desire to accomplish.  I’m still accomplishing mine.

Have a nice day.

MJ Knight

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