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My opinion on the Problems with WWE concerning Budget cuts and now possibly doing more Raw Supershows

The WWE Network not withstanding and underestimating their audience, this problem has been brewing for some time with or without the Network.

It all comes back to Creative. If the writing actually produced consistent and more than competent stories for the company then maybe more people would tune in, buy tickets for TV & live shows.

Also, utilising the talent more productively would be a helpful aspect.

Roman Reigns is slowly on the rise and is ascending the ladder well along with Seth Rollins being a future #1 Contender for the WWE Undisputed Championship.

But there’s the issue of Dolph Ziggler, Fandango and various other superstars that the fans want to see move up the ladder or back up it, but have to play second fiddle to the likes of Cena & Orton.

This is one of the major problems that WCW had. All the established and veteran stars kept the top spots for themselves and wouldn’t move out of the way for the young and up and coming talent that could have helped save that company.

There was one WCW star by the name of Stunning Steve Austin. He was floundering and going nowhere in WCW. He got injured when he tore his tricep off his arm, got fired. Had a stint with ECW as Extreme Superstar Steve Austin before coming to then WWF as the Ringmaster and then becoming the man we know him today as – Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Back in the late 90’s, WWF actually made new stars with likes of Ken Shamrock, Kane, The Rock, Hardys, Val Venis, HHH, Kurt Angle and various others while WCW kept pushing Hogan and company. Only Goldberg got a break. 1. Out of many WCW stars that could have been main eventers but they chose to do rinse and repeat.

I appreciate these are hard times and the WWE is trying to stay as safe as possible. But if they don’t take a chance on these young superstars to come into the main event then who will help carry the company into the future, provided the WWE has a future to speak of?

And now history is repeating itself. With the likes of John Cena & Randy Orton.

True. Roman Reigns, Cescaro, Bray Wyatt are being utilized more, but they’re not being pushed into the main event scene more. It also does not help matters that Brock Lesnar only comes in as a part-timer and gets given high-profile matches with Undertaker, CM Punk, HHH and now against John Cena for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. That’s effectively spitting in the face of all the hard working performers who are there night after night busting their bodies just so they can entertain the fans and get the Officials to notice them and push them up the ranks.

+SeanzViewEnt said something to the effective that The Rock came in as a part-timer as well but at least he gave back to the fans. Brock only does this for money.

And that should not be happening.

Rant done.

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