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My Thoughts on Jason David Frank Vs CM Punk in UFC & Batista’s current status with WWE?

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For Punk Ranger Vs Green Ranger. I say, let them go at it.

Tommy has wanted this match for the better part of 3 years and considering their contrasting styles in mixed martial arts it will make for a very entertaining situation.

2 conditions IF I had control of the fight setup. Punk comes out to Cult of Personality and Jason comes down to his Green Ranger theme. Other than that, let the dogs go to war.

As for Batista’s status with WWE? He’s passed it, in my opinion. Granted; when he returned earlier this year he was rusty and sporting an injury which we didn’t know about at the time. So, I will give him some leeway on that.

But, it’s a bit much for a 46 year young actor/part-time wrestler to do a full-time schedule when he was injury prone in his 1st tenure with the company. 10 years ago it was a different story as he was in great shape. A beast of a man, if you will. But….he doesn’t have the same pace as he once did, nor does he have the right gimmick. When he was the suave version or Suave-Tista, showing up in Armani suits with the cool hairstyle, the dude was the frickin man. But, the whole angsty, beefed up skin-head look for him, just doesn’t work. He’s basically just a generic roidy wrestler like that. And I can’t get behind that shtick/grimmick/routine/shiz because I’ve seen it done beyond the point of exhaustion.

And taking into account that Guardians of the Galaxy is opening doors for him, I’d say the WWE needs him more than he needs them. Considering the likely sizable paycheck he received for his performance in Guardians and now being cast in Bond 24 as a heel in there (whoda funk it?) then what is he gonna care about what WWE and Nipple Bleach want for him?

The way I see it; Bond-Tista is opening up opportunities for himself, just like The Rock did over a decade ago. Rock got his foot in the door as a charismatic athletic entertainer and then transcended into a personified movie star that makes more money in 1 year then WWE could even do in 2 years.

I’m not biggest Batista fan; but I say, more power to him for what he’s doing and given WWE’s downward spiraling credibility in the fall-out of Punk-Gate then he would be well advised to get as much distance from that company as possible.

Like I say; he doesn’t need them. THEY need him.

Pipe-Bomb. I’m done

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