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This Fall marks half a Century since Gerry Anderson’s Stingray first took took to TV and first implemented features and techniques that would carry over into Thunderbirds.

Late February Update

It seems things are on the up for me as an Entertainer/Producer/Content Creator.

Views are up, more people are appreciating what I create on a weekly basis and the fact that the good weather has returned to the UK is a major plus after the torrential storms we’ve had for the last month or so.

Just finished up the Romance Month Mini-series with my Movie Review podcast so that’s another I tick off my schedule and then move forward with regular reviews for the time being before I start looking for Halloween selections to review in the Fall/Autumn when I return to After Dark with the 2014 Editions.

I will be looking to prepare a 25th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog in 2016 with another retrospective like I did in 2011 for Blue Reflections but I am looking to do this from a slightly different perspective and not just rinse and repeat what I did 3 years ago.

But there is one anniversary I am looking to cover this year: the 50th Anniversary of the Gerry Anderson Marionette Series Stingray.  Its one of my most favored Gerry Anderson series and I don’t know why it keeps getting pushed aside whereas Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet get more re-runs and re-makes.  Now, do not get this twisted, I am a huge fan of those as well, but I lean towards Stingray.

Anywho, sorry to leave it so long since my last text update on here.  I shall try write more blogs more often, but when you work full-time and then commit a fair portion of your down time to being a Web Writer/Producer/Creator/Director for what I do, it’s hard to have time for little else.


Thanks for reading, hope we have a good Spring.

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