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Ask The Knight Episode 53: Best Vacation?

Where is the best place I have taken a vacation?


Ask the Knight Episode 41: Blood the Last Vampire

Episode 41

Anime is at play in this

This is also the first episode where I am bringing in green screen methods.

I will be first to admit that it’s “less than polished” but in all honesty, that was the best I could get it with the lighting I had available.

So apologies in advance for it being what it is


Ask The Knight Episode 34 – The Rock


Episode 34. More q’s that range from a video game I play that no one else does to The Rock


Ask The Knight: Episode 33 – Changes

Another round of 3 questions and a brand new look.

Late February Update

It seems things are on the up for me as an Entertainer/Producer/Content Creator.

Views are up, more people are appreciating what I create on a weekly basis and the fact that the good weather has returned to the UK is a major plus after the torrential storms we’ve had for the last month or so.

Just finished up the Romance Month Mini-series with my Movie Review podcast so that’s another I tick off my schedule and then move forward with regular reviews for the time being before I start looking for Halloween selections to review in the Fall/Autumn when I return to After Dark with the 2014 Editions.

I will be looking to prepare a 25th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog in 2016 with another retrospective like I did in 2011 for Blue Reflections but I am looking to do this from a slightly different perspective and not just rinse and repeat what I did 3 years ago.

But there is one anniversary I am looking to cover this year: the 50th Anniversary of the Gerry Anderson Marionette Series Stingray.  Its one of my most favored Gerry Anderson series and I don’t know why it keeps getting pushed aside whereas Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet get more re-runs and re-makes.  Now, do not get this twisted, I am a huge fan of those as well, but I lean towards Stingray.

Anywho, sorry to leave it so long since my last text update on here.  I shall try write more blogs more often, but when you work full-time and then commit a fair portion of your down time to being a Web Writer/Producer/Creator/Director for what I do, it’s hard to have time for little else.


Thanks for reading, hope we have a good Spring.


Special Features Episode 112 – THE LEGO MOVIE REVIEW

Special Features Episode 112 – THE LEGO MOVIE REVIEW

I decided to go to this after some persuasion from Random and let me just say – I was not disappointed.



Special Features Episode 111: Three to Tango Review

The last of the romance month mini-series and it’s a movie I almost forgot about and in my opinion only, a classic

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