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Ask The Knight Episode 69: Let Me In: The Game?

My thoughts on Let Me In *contains spoilers*

It’s extremely rare when you get a movie that redefines the vampire genre in such a sense that you neither cheer nor boo said creature. It’s more along the lines of that you feel sorry for them.

If you study the character of Abby played by the very talented Chloe Grace Moretz, you’ll see that her need for feeding off of blood is more of a burdened necessity as opposed to a necessity that is pleasurable or glamorous, depending on how you view it.

I don’t think Abby is evil, per se. What she does to stay alive in the flick is disturbingly messed up, and it’s not something that she wishes to continue living with.

I see the vampirism in this as a curse that an innocent being was burdened with centuries ago that she never asked for nor deserved and she is cursed to walk the Earth feeding off of others when she’d rather just be a normal girl, which for the most part Chloe displays the duality of her role flawlessly. She can be this ravenous undead blood sucking killer of the night, and next she’s a sweet, normal girl that just wants to have a friend.

While the title relates to Vampire Lore of them being Let In to your home, I think it serves another meaning. Like Let Me In to your life. Let Me In to help you. Let Me In to love you, to love me.
By the time Abby gets to know Owen more and bond, she is resembling much closer to human again, which you can see in her eyes is something she had been longing for after nearly 300 years of feeling isolated and alone.
But again, this is down to Chloe’s amazing acting, which shows her talent far beyond her years.

I like to think of her and her acting as a ‘Once In A Generation Performer’. Her performances are honest, sincere, convicting and just natural.

Kodi’s character, Owen, is in a similar situation to Abby’s, albeit not as extreme as hers, but he can relate to being isolated and alone due to the vicious bullying he receives almost on a daily basis at his School in Los Alamaos, New Mexico.

When he bonds with Abby he begins to know what it feels like to be human again as well: to feel wanted, to feel alive, to have something to look forward to. To feel loved.

I think most of us can relate to that sensation of what it’s like when someone allows us to let go of our fears and just enjoy our lives and what those who love us can do for us and we onto them.

The only ones who ever struck me as being really evil were Owen’s tormentors at School. Whereas Abby killed and fed out of necessity, the bullies were tormenting Owen out of pleasure. Even going as far threatening to poke his eye out if he couldn’t hold his breath underwater for 3 minutes. And to me, personally, that’s just messed up.

Although you never see Abby look at Owen on camera in the Pool scene, you can see by the expression on his face that she came back to save him knowing what his tormentors would do to him and she was happy and releaved that he was safe.

The ending is somewhat ambiguous as some think that Owen becomes her new guardian and continues from where the last one left off whereas others like myself are inclined to believe that the two of them take their relationship further and she actually turns him.

I think from that perspective, Owen would not want to be without that one person in his life that genuinely loved and cared for him after he’s ignored by his drunken mother and his father nowhere to be seen in the movie except via a voice on the phone.

I’m a little annoyed that there doesn’t seem to be a sequel planned for this flick as I really would love to see where the story would progress as it’s such a tender, haunting and romantic story. It’s a scary story, outright, but there’s real love between the two lead child characters, and to me that is the most touching part about this story. It’s almost innocent love in the sense that you only want to goof around with your girl, play video games, listen to music or just enjoy their company that makes you feel like a whole person again.

That’s what I come away with this movie. In the darkness of this….there is love. Quite possibly the most pure emotion that anyone can display. Even a vampire can show love towards a human and become more human in doing so.

Just want to announce. This will be reviewed as part of After Dark 2015 on Reel Features in the run-up to next year’s Halloween. I would have loved to have reviewed this, this year. But the slots have already been filmed and awaiting release to my respective pages. But, I will make this, worth the wait.

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