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My take on the mean tweet to Chloe Moretz

It’s pretty much common knowledge that one twitter user tweeted a very mean spirited tweet about Chloe Moretz some 7 months ago, according to his recent posts, and he seems to think that this is nothing to get upset about.

While I am tolerant that everyone is entitled to their opinions, via the same token it has to be within the realms of good taste and being respectful.  And considering that this guy chose to not only be disrespectful, tactless and just opening up a can of worms he did not want to deal with, then I have no sympathy for what awaits him with the amount of negative posts he is already recieveing and will likely continue to recieve.

Now, Chloe handled that mean tweet like a pro and just shrugged it off and just used it to her advantage and just threw it back at him, without even being fazed.  Taking:”she looks like my a*****e and she is not decent looking whatsoever.” and then replying:”you must have a bleached a*****e.” like it was nothing.

that to me just shows the maturity and savvyness beyond her years for her to take something as spiteful as that and effectively laugh it off.

As for the “person” that tweeted it, and as you can see I am not even putting his twitter handle in because to do that would give the guy more attention, which is basically what he’s craving and I’m simply not going to do that.  I got no time for people that drink the haterade like that.  They’re not worth it to me.

I know several other Chloenators are giving him a piece of their mind, and they’re more than within their rights to do so; because as far they’re concerned, Chloe is a figure of inspiration of what a good successful person is and to have someone nark on their Queen is just unacceptable.

I realise by making this post it does appear hypocritical that I am making awareness about the dude that made the tweet, but I am merely putting my 2 cents out there just to get it off my chest and then move on.

I’ve seen several people like him before try to gain attention for all the wrong reasons and I just won’t waste any further time on him.  What my other fellow Chloenators choose to do is entirely up to them.  That’s their choice and I respect that and I let them handle their business.


Anyway, thank you for your time.

BoLieve no more

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