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Future updates

For whatever reason; the Blip Embeds are not working on my page here, so from now on, I will just be posting the links as a link, and not an embed video.  There’s no point in posting an embed when it won’t work.

I apologise outright for this inconvenience.  There is some consolation; the embed links still work on my section of River City Gamers at rivercitygamers.com so it’s not a total loss.  Plus, this will be good for those of you who visit and are a part of RCG because it means more coverage and exposure for them.

I will still continue to post links here, but it just won’t be the embeds, so I apologise.

Thank you for your time

Handy Dandy Guide Christmas 2013

This one’s a year out of date, but this has never graced this page so I felt it was time correct that.

Christmas Message 2014

My thoughts on the illegal Chloe Moretz pictures


Ask The Knight Episode 57: Phoenix Special

Time for yet another special edition. This time from the Phoenix

SmackBack: WWE SummerSlam 2014 & SmackDown 8 22 14 REVIEW

Looking back at last Sunday’s 2nd Biggest PPV of the year and the Aftermath that took place on this week’s Friday night.


Ask the Knight Episode 47: Favourite Thunderbird?

Do I like Thunderbird 1 or Thunderbird 2?

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